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This site explores informational resources that have been collected, compiled or developed from the works of Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali, his collaborating partners or friends and/or members of his family and communities, in a wide ranging single to multi-disciplinary fields of inquiry or action in the service of the people of the world in general, and the people of Nepal, Canada and the Philippines in particular.

The site serves as a depository of information made available on voluntary basis for use in moving the society forward in a positive, progressive and just direction. The materials on this site are distributed without profit or any obligation to those who are deemed, by visiting this site, to have expressed interest in receiving the information for the purpose of research and education, including own skills and knowledge development, and/or socio-economic development of the society.


* What is Health?

~[Click here for >> WHO definition translated in Nepali and WHO definition translated in Hindi by Drona Rasali, posted 18/09/2011]


Notable Professional & Public Speaking/Presentations by Dr. Drona Rasali:

(Public Speaking, TV and media interviews given by Dr. Drona Rasali on more general social and community issues can be found elsewhere)

* Dr. Rasali, a keynote speaker at the International Buffalo Symposium 2017 organized by Nepal's University
Dr. Drona Rasali, who had conducted foundational research on buffalo genetic resources and their utilization during 1990s while serving as a former senior scientist of Nepal Agricultural Research Council, was invited as a keynote speaker at the International Buffalo Symposium 2017 (November 15-18) organized by Nepal's Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) at Crown Jungle Hotel in Sauraha, Chitwan National Park. His deliberation combined his past buffalo research findings and his current interest in food security to provide a road-map for buffalo research and development in Nepal to fulfill current gaps in food security of Nepal. Click here for his PowerPoint presentation>>> Buffalo Production for Household Food Security in Nepal In late 1990s, he had initiated an on-station indigenous Lime buffalo research at the then Lumle Agricultural Research Centre.

* CANFACS Founding VP Dr. Rasali speaks at its Inaugural Ceremony at Surrey City Hall
Dr. Drona Rasali, Founding Vice-President of Canada-Nepal Friendship and Cultural Society (CANFACS), spoke at the Society's Inaugural Ceremony held at Surrey City Hall, on Saturday, the Septemeber 16th, 2017. Explaining the Society's organizational structure, programs, he also highlighted continued Canada-Nepal relations and emphasized the importance of people-to-people cultural connections between the two countries. The ceremony had the gracious presence of dignitaries, Nepalese Ambassador HE Kali Prasad Pokhrel, Canada's MP Hon. Randeep Sarai, British Columbia's Ministers Hon. Bruce Ralston and Hon. Harry Bains, Honorary Consul General Christopher Considine, British Columbia's MLA Hon. Garry Begg and visiting Nepal dignitaries including Hiranylal Shrestha among the people who attended the ceremony. For more info, watch the video clip at: >>> Dr. Rasali speaks

* Invited speaker at the Symposium and Film on Dalit Issues of Nepal at the the University of British Columbia on December 20, 2016:
Dr. Drona Rasali was an invited speaker at the Symposium and Film on Dalit Issues of Nepal at the C.K. Choi Building, Vancouver Main Campus of the University of British Columbia on December 20, 2016. This event was jointly sponsored by the Himalaya Program, the Centre for Indian and South Asian Research, and the Department of Asian Studies of the University of British Columbia. More info at: http://himalaya.arts.ubc.ca/events/event/symposium-and-film-on-dalit-issues-in-nepal/

* Invited Speakers at the Talk Session of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals in Americas (NAPA), October 15, 2016:
Dr. Drona Rasali was the invited speaker at the maiden Talk Session of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals in Americas (NAPA) delivered by teleconference on October 20, 2016. He give talk on the topic, “Securing sufficient, safe and healthy food in Nepal”. The synopsis of the Talk is found at: http://enepalese.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Agri-Connection-Vol-1-Issue-2.pdf

* Invited Speaker the NeSA 8th International Conference: Role of Diaspora for Sustainable Homeland organized at New Mexico State University, Las Crus, on March 12, 2016 :
As the keynote speaker at the NeSA 8th International Conference: Role of Diaspora for Sustainable Homeland organized on March 12, 2016 at Las Crus Campus of the New Mexico State University, Dr. Drona Rasali spoke on ‘Role of Diaspora for Sustainable Homeland: Towards Making the Differences in Societal Well-being of Nepal’. More info at: https://web.nmsu.edu/~nesa/pdfs/8th-final-schedule.pdf

* Addressing inmates and officials of Tihar Jail at the World Egg Celebration of Government of India, October 11, 2013
Dr. Drona Rasali had a very rare opportunity to address an exclusive gathering of inmates and jail officials of Tihar Central Jail inside the Jail premises in New Delhi. The event was organized by the Government of India’s Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, on the occasion of the World Egg Day 2013 on October 11, 2013. More info about the occasion at: http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=99969

* Invited Speakers at the Annual Fall Education Session of the BC Health Information Management Professionals Society (Nov 23, 2012):
Lydia Drasic, Executive Director, Population Health Strategic Planning & Provincial Initiatives, PHSA.
Dr. Drona Rasali, Director, Population Health Surveillance & Epidemiology, PHSA
On the topic: Health Data and Privacy: A Health Surveillance and Population Health Trending Perspective
at University Golf Course, 5185 University Boulevard Vancouver, BC, Canada.
More info at: http://www.bchimps.org/Resources/Documents/Events/bchimps-nov23-conference-program-pre.pdf

* Drona Rasali was an Invited Plenary Speaker at the 1st ANHS Himalayan Studies Conference held on October 28-30, 2011, at the Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Highlights of this conference include invited speakers:
Drona Rasali. Plenary Address: "Envisioning an equitable space for marginalized people in Nepal: A journey of small strides contributing to 'change' for social justice".
Pratyoush Onta. Plenary Address: "The past and future of Nepal Studies in Nepal."
David Gellner. Keynote Address: "Upland Region or 'a World of Peripheries'? Some thoughts on Himalayan identities"
Download here:> The Conference Program Book

* University of Saskatchewan, School of Public Health Seminar Series: A Presentation on "Surveillance of Chronic Disease in Saskatchewan" on March 10, 2011.
Presenters: Drona Rasali, DVM, PhD, MACE Provincial Chronic Disease Epidemiologist & Camille Adams, MSc, Chronic Disease Epidemiologist
>>>Download here Or >>>Visit the site for UofS Faculty and Graduate Seminars.


* What's new from research/professional activities by Rasali et. al.?

- IDC Research Days Conference. University of Northern BC and Northern Health Authority, Prince George. November 7-9, 2016-Click here for downloading abstracts

.Melanie Kurrein (BCCDC), Crystal Li (BCCDC), Marianne Bloudoff (Northern Health Authority), Rita Zhang and Drona Rasali (BCCDC). Measuring Food Insecurity in Northern British Columbia.
.Drona Rasali, Hans Krueger, Trish Hunt, Sandra Allison. Estimated Direct Health Care Costs of Tobacco Smoking, Excess Weight and Physical Inactivity among Northern BC Residents in 2013.
.Dr. Henry Harder, Dr. Sandra Allison, Dr. Drona Rasali, Holly Christian, Sabrina Dosanjh-Gantner, Tamara Checkley, Rita Zhang, Kari Harder, Jeff Kormos. State of Healthy Public Policy in Northern BC: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice.

- BCCDC Foundation for Public Health. PROGRAMME & ABSTRACTS, RESEARCH WEEK OCTOBER 24 - 28, 2016- Click here for downloading abstracts

.Li Rita Zhang, Drona Rasali, Mike Pennock, Trish Hunt. Inequities in selected health indicators across social determinants measures. Public Health: Global challenges Local solutions.
.Li Rita Zhang, Drona Rasali, Jenny Sutherland, Mike Pennock. Impact of diabetes and hypertension on overall and health adjusted life expectancy in British Columbia. Public Health: Global challenges Local solutions.
.Melanie Kurrein, Rita Zhang, Dr. Na Li, Naomi Dachner, Sarah Gustin, Theresa Harris, Dr. Valerie Tarasuk, Drona Rasali. Struggling to put food on the table: Characteristics of food insecure households in British Columbia. Public Health: Global challenges Local solutions.

- Dr. Drona Rasali to speak on food security in Nepal on October 15, 2016:

He will address sufficiency, safety and health aspects of food security in Nepal at the maiden talk session of the Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas (NAPA). Food security is a component of the health equity measurement in the priority areas of his current professional work in population health across sub-populations in British Columbia.

- Peer reviewed Research articles in the first half of 2015:

. Katherine M. McLeod, Shanthi Johnson, Drona Rasali, and Ashok Verma. Discriminatory Performance of the Calcaneal Quantitative Ultrasound and Osteoporosis Self-Assessment Tool to Select Older Women for Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. Journal of Clinical Densitometry: Assessment & Management of Musculoskeletal Health, vol. 18, no. 2, 157e164, 2015. (Accessed at: http://www.clinicaldensitometry.com/article/S1094-6950(15)00016-5/abstract?cc=y=)
. Li Zhang, Drona Rasali. Life expectancy ranking of Canadians among the populations in selected OECD countries and its disparities among British Columbians. Archives of Public Health 2015, 73:17 (3 April 2015). (Access: http://www.archpublichealth.com/content/73/1/17)

- Conference Presentations in the first half of 2015:

. Drona Rasali, Rita Zhang, Sarah Gustin, Lydia Drasic. Development of priority indicators for health equity surveillance in British Columbia. The Canadian Public Health Association. Public Health Conference 2015 (May 25-28), Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, British Columbia. [Oral Presentation: Health Assessment and Disease Surveillance-2] (Access: Abstract and Presentation)
. Li Rita Zhang, Drona Rasali, Kamaljeet Guram. Disparity in early childhood development vulnerability in British Columbia. The Canadian Public Health Association. Public Health Conference 2015 (May 25-28), Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, British Columbia. [poster presentation] (Access: Abstract)
. Li Rita Zhang, Drona Rasali, Jenny Sutherland, Mike Pennock. Impact of diabetes and hypertension on overall and health-adjusted life expectancy in British Columbia. The Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics. CSEB Conference, Hilton Meadowvale Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario, 2015 (June 1-4). [Poster Presentation # 77, page 101]. (Access: Abstract)
. Drona Rasali, William Osei. Nepal Earthquake 2015: Epidemiology of Population Health Concerns. University of Pittsburgh Just-in-time Epidemiology Super-course. 2015, May 8. (Access: Super-course Lecture)
. Rasali, D.P. Is higher education a factor in caste-based socio-economic deprivation in Nepal? The 1st Global Conference on Defending Dalit Rights, Trinity Washington University, Washington, D.C. 2015 (March 19-21). [Poster Presentation, remotely]. (Access: Presentation)

What's on the News?

* A Forum in Canada Discusses Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Needs in Nepal

Nepalese Ambassador Kali Prasad Pokhrel addressing the discussion forum.

June 7, 2015; Metro-Vancouver (Canada)- Nepalese diaspora and friends of Nepal in Metro-Vancouver of Canada discussed post-earthquake reconstruction needs in Nepal over a discussion forum organized on Saturday, the June 6th, by a local Nepali community organization Nepal Cultural Society of British Columbia (NCSBC) in collaboration with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Nepalese Ambassador to Canada Kali Prasad Pokhrel giving his opening address at the forum highlighted the progress made in the post-earthquake relief and rehabilitation on the ground and called for direct support to Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund to help the Government better manage the rehabilitation and rebuilding phases in a coordinated manner. "The Government has announced June 25 as the date for international donors' consortium meeting in Kathmandu", Ambassador Pokhrel said. This meeting will be setting the stage for donors' contributions to the rehabilitation and rebuilding under a nationally integrated plan of actions.

NCSBC President Anil Pradhan welcomed the forum participants. Dean Wayne Hand of School of Construction and Environment at BCIT in his remarks pointed out the possibility of Canadian Earthquake engineering team's involvement in some areas of cooperation working in collaboration with Nepalese teams. Dr. Bishnu Pandey presenting an engineering part of the discussion forum informed that a team of Canadian Association of Earthquake Engineering (CAEE) led by himself is leaving for Nepal on Monday to explore the possibilities of working in tandem with the Government machinery in collaboration with the Nepalese team of structural engineers for reconstructions and rebuilding. Other members of team visiting Nepal, Dr. Svetlana Brzev (BCIT Structural Engineering Faculty member), John Pao (Structural Engineering Consultant) and Dr. Sheri Molnar (Earthquake Engineering Researcher) explained their roles in their respective fields of expertise. Naresh Koirala, a Nepali senior geotechnical consultant, summing up the engineering team's presentation emphasized the need for utilizing local materials and human resources based on the technical feasibilities in earthquake proof designs for building structures.

Over a presentation on health concerns, Dr. Drona Rasali and Dr. William Osei, both leaders in the British Columbia's public health system, predicted that there will be heightened needs of public health services, especially when the monsoon hits the affected areas.

Dr. Mark Turin, a long-time linguistic researcher on Nepal and currently on the linguistics and anthropology faculty of University of British Columbia in Vancouver over a visual presentation provided fresh updates of current situation of relief in Sindupalchowk and Dolakha districts where he visited recently. Finally, Honorary Consul General of Nepal Christopher Considine concluded the discussion forum by highlighting the Canadian contributions to relief operation in the aftermath of two major Earthquakes in Nepal.

In the discussion forum moderated by Dr. Rasali, the participants provided valuable inputs and suggestions that will be compiled in the form of report to be submitted to the Nepalese Embassy in Ottawa at a later date.

Also covered in:
www.DCNepal.com Online News

* Lalit Kumar Prithi Received Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali Award 2014

Tansen (Palpa, Nepal), 12 September 2014- The recipient of this year's Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali Student Award is Lalit Kumar Prithi, who is a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) student at the Tansen Multiple Campus (College), Palpa. He received the award (this is the first year of the award) of an amount NRs. 10 thousands and a merit certificate over an elaborate function of Silver Jubilee celebration of the campus, which was founded by Dr. Ram Prasad Gyawali and his collaborators 25 years ago. The selection of the award winning student and handing over the award was organized by Professional Development and Research Centre (PDRC). [For More information >>> Dr. Rasali Award (PDF version)].

* Shova Received Late Man Bahadur and Ishwori Gahatraj Award

Kathmandu, 11 May 2013- Shova Magrati, a hard working Dalit girl currently studying masters degree in English at Tribhuvan University has been awarded with Late Sri Man Bahadur and Srimati Ishwori Gahatraj Award for 2069. The ceremony was held at Kupondol, Lalitpur on 10 May, 2013. This is a one-time-only scholarship award established by senior veterinary scientist, public health expert and Prof. Dr. Drona P. Rasali in loving memory of his maternal grandparents. The purpose of this award is to honor the talent and potential of next generation of leaders to encourage them for scholarly studies of Dalit issues in future. Last year, he sponsored Late Damber Singh and Seti Rasali Scholarship Award for master’s level student in the field of Sociology and Anthropology in memory of his grandparents. [For More information, PDRC News or PDF version.]

* Late Sri Man Bahadur Gahatraj and Late Srimati Ishwori Gahatraj Award 2013

In loving memory of his beloved maternal grandparents, Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali, has established the Award at the Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC). This is a one-time-only scholarship award to be awarded to a first or second year Master's level Dalit student in the field of Education, Psychology or Applied Psychology.
The purpose of this award is to encourage and reward beginning scholars with excellent academic performance and the passion for scholarly studies of Dalit issues in future. This award is further designed to honor the talent and potential of the next generation of leaders who aspire to conduct research related to education and psychology in future.

Time lines for the award:
Call for nomination: 4 April, 2013
Submission deadline: 16 April, 2013
Winner announcement: 18 April, 2013
Award ceremony: 19 April, 2013

* Dr. Rasali attended the Vancouver Diversity Health Fair 2013

Dr. Drona Rasali, Director, Population Health Surveillance & Epidemiology from the BC Provincial Health Authority (PHSA) attended as one of the honoured guests in the inauguration of the Diversity Health Fair organized by AMSSA with the theme of chronic disease prevention among immigrants, at the Crotian Cutural Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday, the 9th March 2013. Other guests of honour were Member of Legislative Assembly Raj Chouhan (Burnaby and Edmonds), Councillor Adriane Carr (Vancouver City Hall), Consul General Jianping Mei (Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China) and Timothy Welsh (Director, Sector Relations, Immigrant Integration Branch, Government of British Columbia.). AMSSA Executive Director Lynn Moran, AMSSA Vice-president Lisa and board members including Pradeep Khare and Berta Lopera joined the guests in the VIP Breakfast and Ribbon cutting for inauguration of the day-long fun filled event. More details.

* Dr. Rasali receives Award of Excellence in Saskatchewan before starting a new position in British Columbia

Regina, October 18, 2012: Dr. Drona Rasali, Provincial Chronic Disease Epidemiologist in the Canada's Saskatchewan Ministry of Health received Award of Excellence for his valuable contributions to the Ministry during his over 7-year public service tenure in the Government of Saskatchewan. The award was accorded to him as a part of his warm farewell from the Ministry. Dr. Rasali is starting his new position as the Director, Population Health Surveillance & Epidemiology at the British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) from November 5.

* A New Publication by Dr. Drona P. Rasali

Rasali, D.P. Envisioning an equitable space for marginalized people in Nepal: A journey of small strides through novel ideas for social justice. HIMALAYA, 2011:31(1-2),55-60. The Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (A peer-reviewed perspectives paper released in September 2012).

* Ankush Nagarji is the recipient of Dambar Singh and Seti Rasali Award 2012

May 25, 2012; Kathmandu- Ankush Nagarji, a talented Dalit youth currently pursuing his Masters in Sociology/Anthropology at Tribhuvan University is the recipient of Dambar Singh and Seti Rasali Award for the year 2012. The award was handed over to Nagarji today at a brief ceremony held at PDRC. The award was established by veterinary scientist, public health expert and Prof. Dr. Drona Prakash Rasali in memory of his late grandfather and grandmother to encourage the engagement of Dalit youths in a scholarly study of social, political and economic issues of Dalit community through inter-disciplinary perspectives.

The award consists of Letter of Appreciation along with the cash sum of Rs. 10,000. Click here for >>>details of the award ceremony.

* Dambar Singh and Seti Rasali Award: Call for Application- for year 2012

In memory of his grandparents, Dr. Drona P. Rasali has established Dambar Singh and Seti Rasali Award at Professional Development and Research Center (PDRC). This award is established as an incentive to encourage talented Dalit youths to actively engage in a scholarly study of social, political and economic issues of Dalits from inter-disciplinary perspectives. This award will be given annually for three years to a student enrolled M.A. first year in Sociology in any recognized university in Nepal. The PDRC now invites application from eligible candidate for the year 2012.

* NRNA submits recommendations on Economic Diplomacy to the GoN

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) President Mr. Jiba Lamichhane submitted a report, "NRNA POSITION BRIEF ON ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY FOR NEPAL" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Nepal on December 26, 2012. The Report was prepared for NRNA by Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari, NRNA-ICC Advisor, USA (Co-ordinator), Dr. Drona Rasali, NRNA-ICC Advisor, Canada, Mr. Kul Gautam, NRNA-ICC Advisor, Nepal and Prof. Surya Subedi, NRNA-ICC Patron, UK.

* Dr. Drona Rasali appears at Ujju Darling's Parlor on Nepal 1 TV

(His last name shown on TV is spelled incorrectly- a common error made in most Nepalese media.)

* Dr. Drona Rasali appointed as an advisor to NRNA-ICC

Nepali Diaspora's global organization Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)'s International Coordination Council (ICC) has appointed Dr. Drona Rasali as one of its advisors for its current 2011-13 tenure by a decision made at the ICC's 31st meeting held on November 13th.

This is stated in a press statement (in Nepali) released by the NRNA-ICC's spokesperson Dr. Hem Raj Sharma

* NRNs meet PM for support in open varsity bid

OUN delegation meets the Prime Minister of Nepal Dr. Baburam Bhattarai at his office at Singh Durbar, Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU: A delegation of Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN), led by Dr Pramod Dhakal, member secretary, Open University of Nepal (OUN) Initiative, today met Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai to draw attention towards the opportunities and challenges faced by open universities in Nepal. Dr Dhakal said that despite efforts to establish Open University in Nepal to cope with global competence, they were unsuccessful. "Government delay in approving the Higher Education bill is the greatest challenge in establishing Open University in Nepal," he said adding, "We have urged the PM to take init..... Published: The Himalayan Times (2011-10-10)

* Nepali diaspora for open university

KATHMANDU: Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) have said that they want to bring back home the skills, knowledge and innovation they have learnt in the foreign land by establishing an open university. In a day-long workshop, which will be part of the three-day annual conclave beginning on October 11, the NRNs will hold interaction with stakeholders and the Nepali academicians about establishment of an open university. Nearly 800 delegates from 60 countries will participate in the interaction. We want to bring the skill, knowledge and innovation of the Nepali diaspora back home for application-orien... "We want to bring the skill, knowledge and innovation of the Nepali diaspora back home for application-oriented education that can reduce the rate of migrant youth", Drona Prakash Rasali, a member of the Open University of Nepal Initiative (OUNI) committee said. Published: The Himalayan Times (2011-10-09)

* NRNA ICC: Some Achievements in Regional Coordination in Americas - Dr. Ambika Adhikari, Regional Coordinator for Americas and Dr. Drona Rasali, Deputy Regional Coordinator for Americas [NRNA-ICC. [Posted, 18/09/2011]
* Communique: Dr. Drona Rasali announces the candidacy for Regional Coordinator (RC) for Americas in the NRNA International Coordination Council (ICC). [Posted, 18/09/2011]
* Initiative for Open University of Nepal holds its 4th Planning Meeting in Ottawa, Canada. [Posted, 18/09/2011]
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